Finding Balance

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"Too much of anything is still too much" 

This is a quote that has resonated with me for the last few years, and I find myself coming back to it when I feel as though I'm lacking balance. For as long as I can remember, I have been an all or nothing type of person.  Because of this mentality, finding balance in all aspects of my life has been a bit of a challenge. From friendships, to relationships, to my fitness journey, to yoga, and everything in between. I'm either all in, or all out. While at times this has been healthy for me, for it has allowed me to walk away from relationships that were no longer serving me, catapulted me into a new fitness routine, and evidently began my yoga journey. At others, this all or nothing mentality has been quite detrimental to my health and well being. 

It's interesting, because as a person I find myself quite even-keeled, and tend to not get overcome by my emotions. In fact, the majority of the time I find myself in a pretty content state of mind. When it comes to my habits however, I find it a much greater challenge to remain balanced. When I was completing my degree at university, I found it very difficult to balance my practice, studying, working out, and my social life. Evidently, certain things would take priority and I would put much less attention into others. 

Like most things in life, finding balance comes down to your perspective. Being realistic about your intentions, setting goals for yourself, and managing your time all contribute to finding balance. Yet, the ability to meet yourself where you are is one of the most important lessons I've learned over the last few years. As someone who has extremely high expectations of myself, I know all too well what it's like to be hard on myself. We all are our own worst critics, and in times where my internal dialogue is leaning towards the negative, I actively try and shift my perspective first. Telling myself that its OKAY if I didn't get on my mat today, and its OKAY if I didn't get a chance to workout, and its OKAY if not every day is my best. We are not robots. We all make mistakes, we all have off days, and we all go through it. Being gracious with myself on those days has been pinnacle for my own personal growth and finding balance in all things. 


Tangible tips I come back to when I'm lacking balance: 

1. Map out your priorities. What in your life matters most to you. Where your attention goes, energy flows. 

2. Taking care of yourself FIRST. Being self-aware and knowing when you're stretched too thin. Nurturing your own mental and physical health. 

3. Adapt and letting go. Life throws us constant curve balls, and all we can do is adapt, learn, and move forward. Not everything goes to plan, and not everything should. Life becomes much more enjoyable when we step into the unexpected, and break out of our comfort zone. 

Big love always,
xx Ann

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