My Yoga Journey

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Lets rewind to 2014, my first year of university and the beginning of my yoga journey. This was a big year for me to say the least. After years of treating my body and my mind so poorly and with little respect, I found myself growing into the person I had always hoped to be. My priorities shifted from abusing my body, to honouring it. After a few years of hardly any physical activity, I found yoga online, and decided to begin my own personal practice. I followed along to flows on YouTube and Instagram, and was absolutely blown away with the movement practice and its seemingly effortless balance of strength and mobility. Being a very all or nothing type of person, I decided to jump in with both feet, and have never looked back since. I followed YouTube tutorials and online flows for a year before stepping foot into a studio. Coming completely full circle, two years later I now teach at that same studio I walked into as a fresh and eager student ready to learn. 

Coming from a competitive sports background where I would train with a team nearly every day, I liked how individual and personal my practice was. I didn't need to go to a gym, pay for equipment, or rely on anyone else but me. I could unroll my mat wherever and whenever I wanted, and show up for myself how I choose to. I quickly fell in love, and found myself gravitating to my mat every single day.

After practicing consistently for a few years, I decided to complete my yoga teacher training in 2017. Wanting to learn more about the practice and the philosophy of yoga, I set off to Hawaii for my 200h YTT. Over the next four weeks, I learned so much, not only about the practice, but myself. My appreciation for the practice grew tremendously, and when I returned home I began teaching to anyone that would let me. Starting with family and friends, to teaching in a crossfit gym a few times a week, I quickly fell in love with being in the teachers seat. 

Fast forward two years, I now teach at an amazing studio with epic students, and have taught various workshops both locally and internationally. I am so passionate about sharing this practice. For it has truly transformed my life of addiction and depression into one that is so abundant, joyful, and whole. I feel eternally grateful that I found yoga, and that yoga found me. 

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